Hi, I'm Jenny, a photographer in Eagle River, Alaska. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me! I was born and raised right here in Eagle River. As far back as I can remember I had a passion for photography. In high school, I got my first 35mm film camera and spent countless hours photographing friends and family, and developing prints in the darkroom at school. My grandfather had an old enlarger that he gave me and my family set up a room in our house so I could develop film and prints at home too. 

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Media and Theatre Arts from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. My logical side got the better of me and I decided to learn more about the "business" side of things and went on to get my Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law in East Lansing, Michigan. While practicing law is fulfilling in many ways, nothing can replace the joy of getting behind a camera lens and capturing precious moments of people's lives. The satisfaction I feel looking through photographs after a photoshoot where new (or old) friends allow me a peek into their lives is indescribable. 

After giving birth to my daughter, I decided it was time to cast aside my fears and chase my dream of making my passion for photography my work. "Do what you love, love what you do." I'm lucky to have a very supportive husband on this journey. We have four furbabies in addition to our human baby. It's worth noting that my pets are my children, so I jump at the opportunity to include your furbabies in your photo shoot if you feel the same.

My philosophy behind photography is the most natural approach is the best approach. I strive to capture my subjects in their most authentic state, I use natural light when I can, and I do my best to limit edits to your photographs after the shoot, all while making you look radiant. In addition to being a photographer, I am a yoga instructor so I'm all about letting your inner light shine through!

As Alaskans, we are blessed to have one of the most beautiful places on earth as our backyard. I am currently using this incredible landscape as my main studio.

Take a look around my site and if you like what you see, shoot me a message! I look forward to hearing from you. :)